The Children's Teaching Bible Introduction

Time to Eat!

What’s your favorite food?
- a crunchy apple?
- a hotdog?
- a bowl of macaroni and cheese?
- a dish of tangy yogurt?
- licorice ice-cream?
- or...?

How often do you eat?

What happens when you don’t eat on time?

What’s the longest time you’ve gone without food?

We all know we have to eat to stay alive. If a meal is late we get hungry, our stomachs growl, and we feel grumpy. Food is the fuel our bodies need to keep our hearts pumping, lungs breathing, blood flowing.

Food feeds your physical body. But did you know there is another part of you which also needs food?

Feed What?

God made you a person, different from the plants, insects, and animals. You have a spirit. This is the part of you that thinks and feels happy, sad, or frightened. This is also the part of you that longs to know God and be a friend of His. Just like your body, your spirit needs to be fed.

Best Food

How do you feed it? There are many ways: spending time with friends and family, reading books, listening to music, watching movies, playing sports, enjoying nature are all ways to feed your spirit.

But there is an even better place to go for spirit food. Can you guess what it is? If you guessed the Bible, you’re right! The Bible is the most complete storehouse of spiritual food you will find.

Eat Every Day

What fills your day?
School? Homework? Chores? Play? Music practice? Sports? Television? Video games? Computer?

Even on your busiest day, I’ll bet you still find time to eat. And it’s as important to take time in your busy life to eat spiritual food.

Bible Drive-Thru can help you. This blog of daily readings for kids is set up a bit like a menu.

Each day starts out with TODAY’S SPECIAL – a Bible reading. (Bible Drive-Thru uses the NIV Bible, unless it says otherwise.)

The TO CHEW ON section takes a bite of that Bible reading - a verse - to chew on in a story, some thoughts, puzzles or questions.

Then there’s a short PRAYER.

Finally there's a SECOND HELPING activity.

Through the Bible

These devotions are a Bible Drive-Thru in another way too. They will take you right through the Bible. If you read TODAY'S SPECIAL every day, you will get a taste of each Bible book!

The Bible books aren't read in the order you see them in your Bible's Table of Contents, though. Instead, they are in the order that the stories and events happened. (It's called chronological - starting with the earliest and following the order in which they occurred).

Growing Strong and Tall in Spirit

When you eat physical food every day your body grows strong and tall. When you eat spiritual food by spending time with God reading your Bible and praying, you grow strong and tall in spirit.

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