TODAY’S SPECIAL: Matthew 28:1-10

TO CHEW ON: "He is not here; he has risen just as he said ..." Matthew 28:6

Something mysterious happens when people die. The invisible but living part of a person – the moving, breathing, thinking, feeling, loving part – leaves the body. The body – the physical shell which did the breathing, talking, laughing and hugging – is still there. But it is empty - the real person is gone. We call them dead.

Physical death is final. Even the most clever doctor can’t capture the living part of a person and stuff it back into a dead body to make the person come alive again.

It was now three days after Jesus had died and been buried. Some of His women friends went to the tomb on the morning after the Sabbath.

When they got there, everything was different than they expected. The large stone that had stood in front of the cave tomb wasn’t there.

"The stone was rolled away" - Artist unknown

A shining angel greeted them. The angel said, “I know you’re looking for Jesus. He’s not here, He’s risen. Come and see where He was lying.”

"Women at the Grave of Jesus" by O. A. Stemler & Bess B. Cleaveland

When they stepped into the tomb it was true. The spot where Jesus had been lying was empty.

"Why seek ye the living among the dead?" Artist unknown

“Go and tell His disciples, Jesus has risen from the dead,” the angel told them.

"Go, tell His disciples, He is risen" Artist unknown

Jesus, God’s son, knew His death wouldn’t be final. For though people can’t make dead people come alive again, God can. Many times Jesus had told the disciples He would rise from the dead. But when the women told the disciples the wonderful news, they were shocked. Their surprise shows that either they didn’t hear Him, or they didn’t believe Him, or both.

Do we hear and believe the things God says to us:
- He loves and cares for us?
- He hears and answers prayer?
- Someday we too will have a new body?

PRAYER: Dear God, help me to hear and believe the things You say. Amen

"Thomas feeling Jesus' wounds" by O. A. Stemler & Bess B. Cleaveland

MORE: Jesus’ resurrection body was different from His body before death. Which statements about His new body are not true? Check the Scriptures below if you’re unsure.

1. Jesus’ new body glowed in the dark.

2. The resurrected Jesus could eat food.

3. The resurrected Jesus could appear and disappear miraculously.

4. After his resurrection, Jesus could only fly, not walk.

5. Jesus’ resurrection body was see-through or transparent.

6. Jesus’ resurrection body was solid - you could touch and feel it.

Scriptures to check: