Taking Advice

TODAY’S SPECIAL: Exodus 18:13-27

TO CHEW ON: "Moses listened to his father-in-law and did everything he said." Exodus 18:24

One day Moses got some important visitors. His father-in-law Jethro brought Moses’ wife and two sons to be with him. They had a wonderful family reunion and Moses told them the incredible story of how God brought them out of Egypt

The next day, Moses took Jethro to work with him. Continue telling the story by choosing the best ending:

1. Jethro saw that all day: (Exodus 18:13):
a] Moses gathered manna.
b] Moses made plans for traveling.
c] Moses judged the people.

2. He said to Moses: (Exodus 18:17):
a] “What you are doing is not good.”
b] “The way you do this is brilliant.”
c] “Why are you so lazy?”

3. Jethro had a better way for Moses to do all that judging. He told Moses, he should: (Exodus 18:20-22):
a] let people decide things for themselves.
b] train others to judge the easy cases and Moses would judge only the hard ones.
c] scold the people for being so quarrelsome.

"Jethro and Moses" by James Tissot

4. When Moses heard Jethro’s advice he: (Exodus 18:24)
a] listened to it and did what Jethro said.
b] argued with Jethro about why he really needed to judge everyone.
c] was upset because Jethro had criticized him.

What do you think of Jethro’s advice? Can you think of other ways Moses’ problem could have been solved?

If even wise men like Moses can learn from the advice of others, we should do the same!

PRAYER: Dear God, help me to listen to the advice of parents, teachers and others who are wise. Amen.

MORE: Whose Advice?

Though asking for and taking advice is good, it’s also important to remember that we shouldn’t take the advice of just anyone.
Some things we can ask ourselves when choosing an adviser about a situation are:
1) does this person have special knowledge about this?
2) does this person have experience with this?
3) does this person care about me and have my interest at heart?
4) has this person given good advice in the past?

Whose advice would you ask for in these situations? Pick from the list of possible advisers at the bottom – or think of the name of someone you know.

1. You have bad stomach aches.
2. You can’t understand your math assignment.
3. There is a bully at school who constantly harasses you.
4. You want to know more about God.
5. Your friend is in trouble.

Doctor, Teacher, Pastor, Counselor, Parent, Grandparent, Friend, Sunday School teacher.


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