TODAY’S SPECIAL: Nehemiah 2:11-20

TO CHEW ON:“The God of heaven will give us success . . .” Nehemiah 2:20a

When Nehemiah got to Jerusalem he took a few days to rest. Then he gathered some men and went to look at the wall. As they circled the city, Nehemiah saw that it was every bit as bad as Hanani had described.

What had once been sturdy walls were now piles of boulders and bricks. Where thick wooden gates had once protected the city, there were now only charred posts and empty spaces. He realized this would be a huge project. But he came back from exploring more determined than ever. With God’s help he would rebuild the wall!

The next day he met with the city leaders. He told them who he was. He explained how he had heard about the broken walls and had prayed to God about them. Then he told how King Artaxerxes had given him permission to come and rebuild the Jerusalem walls.

The men listened closely. As Nehemiah talked they became more and more hopeful. “We’re with you,” they said, when he had explained everything. “Let’s start rebuilding.”

But not everyone was happy about this. Sanballat, Tobiah and Geshem were leaders of the tribes nearby. They didn’t want Jerusalem to be a strong city again. When they saw Hezekiah’s men getting to work on the walls they mocked and threatened them.

But Hezekiah was not scared. “Jerusalem is not your property,” he said. “God in heaven is helping us with this project.” Nehemiah knew that the tribes around would respect God when Jerusalem's walls were strong again. Because this project was for God’s glory, Nehemiah was sure God would give them success.

We need to ask ourselves why our dreams are important to us? Is it because they will bring us fame, attention, money or beautiful things? Or will they bring glory to God. It is for those dreams that God promises success.

PRAYER: Dear God, please help me to understand why my dreams are important to me. Help me to want Your honor above everything else. Amen.

MORE Jerusalem Before

Nehemiah 2:13-15 describes what Nehemiah saw when he got back to Jerusalem. Draw a picture of what you think Jerusalem looked like before the wall was repaired.