Special Creation

TODAY'S SPECIAL: Read: Genesis 1:24-2:2

TO CHEW ON: "So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them." (Genesis 1:27)

This is a detail from a painting by Michelangelo called "The Creation of Adam." It is Michelangelo's idea of God (on the right), reaching out to touch Adam with the spark of life.

How are people different from other things God created?

1. They walk upright?
2. They talk?
3. God created them in His image?

Did you pick 3? But what does it mean to have God's image?

When God created the first humans they they were pure and sinless. That’s part of having the image of God. But even after the first man and woman sinned, God’s image was still in people. It set them apart from the rest of creation. Here are some ways:

- People have creativity. They can draw, sing, build.

- People are self-conscious. They are aware of being sad, happy, bored, excited and having many feelings.

- People have personality. Each person has a special way of thinking, feeling and acting.

- People can think about more than what they see, feel and hear (think abstractly).

- Besides having just a body (like reptiles and fish) and a also soul (which some say birds and animals also have) people have a spirit, the part that makes us want to know God.

- People can make decisions and choices. These lead to feelings, like being proud, or embarrassed or guilty.

When God put His image in people, He gave them a special place in creation. He made them responsible as rulers and caretakers of the rest of creation.

Each person is precious and valuable because of God's image in them. You are precious and valuable because God's image is in you.

PRAYER: God, thank You for Your image in me. Help me to learn what that means. Amen.

SECOND HELPING: God’s Image - What Is It?

What activities, below, can you do because God created you in His image?

1. Make rules
2. Eat
3. Die
4. Choose between right and wrong
5. Sleep
6. Want a friendship with God.


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