Amazing Escape

TODAY’S SPECIAL: Exodus 14:15-31

TO CHEW ON: "And when the Israelites saw the mighty hand of the Lord displayed against the Egyptians, the people feared the Lord and put their trust in him and in Moses his servant." Exodus 14:31

Even after God spoke to him, Moses kept crying to God for help. Finally God interrupted Moses’ frantic prayer. “Stop praying,” God said. “Get busy. Here’s my plan.”

The waters are divided by James Tissot

Read the story in Exodus 14:15-31, then cross out the three things, below, that did not happen:

1. Moses stretched out his staff toward the sea.
2. The cloud came between the Israelites and the Egyptian army.
3. The Egyptians bothered the Israelites all night.
4. An east wind turned the sea into dry land.
5. The Israelites waded through the sea in waist-deep water.
6. The Israelites walked across the sea on dry ground.
7. The Egyptian army followed the Israelites into the sea.
8. The Egyptian army became confused.
9. When Moses gave the signal, the sea rushed back into place.
10. Some of the Egyptians got across in canoes.
11. The whole Egyptian army drowned in the sea that day.

The Egyptians are destroyed by James Tissot

What an amazing escape! And with it, God did more than one thing. He not only freed the Israelites from slavery to the Egyptians. He also showed them He was a God to fear, respect, and trust.

PRAYER: You are a God who does miracles. Help me to trust You with my problems. Amen.

MORE: Tight spots "Who Am I?"

Many other Bible characters found themselves in tight spots. Put the correct person’s name in the blank. (Need help? Names and Bible story references are below).

1. An Angel helped me get out of prison. I am ______________

2. I prayed for rain after God sent me to tell the king three years of drought were over. I am ____________

3. I got very sick and the prophet told me I would die. Then I prayed and God gave me 15 more years to live. I am ______________

4. When the host ran out of wine at the wedding, people came to me for help. I am __________

5. When we were in jail God sent an earthquake, that loosened our chains. We are ___________

Jesus - John 2:1-10
Paul and Silas - Acts 16:22-28
Elijah - I Kings 18:1-2, 41-45
Hezekiah - 2 Kings 20:1-6
Peter - Acts 12:5-10


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